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Down In The Deep (roguelike)

1.1 usd

Down In The Deep is a REAL-TIME roguelike / RPG world dungeon crawler with quests! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Kingdom of Gulinde is now falling into danger and darkness. Too many of the foul undead, vicious beasts and devious rogues are spreading through the precious kingdom. As the greatest hero of the land it is up to you to clear out the ancient dungeons.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Features :★ Real-time movement and combat★ Randomly generated dungeons and loot! ★ Lots of varied and powerful loot★ Enemy and boss characters★ Friendly, merchant and quest characters!★ Melee and ranged combat★ Devious traps★ Breakable barrels, locked doors and chests★ Mysterious shrines and portals★ Powerful spells★ Secrets and epic quests!★ Auto-save system with three game slots★ Three player character classes - Warrior, Mage and Ranger★ Player character XP leveling-up ★ Customizable player equipment and attributes / stats★ Unlock new character skills when leveling up!★ Optional resurrection when killed
Android immersive mode supported for android version 4.4 onwards.
Phone and tablet devices both supported.Full SD support (install to SD)
** Permissions explained : android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE **These permissions allow the game to save and load game data files on the SD card.
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